Semester 2, Yo.

Oh my.

What a first semester! Never thought I’d have been so enlightened in such a short time!

Well, after a long break in which I indulged in doing pretty much nothing, it’s time to get back into the swing of things, with Semester 2!

This Semester I only have one subject which I need to post to doyouevenbcm for! Not sure if happy or sad though. . .
ANYWAY! The subject for which I will use this blog as the primary place to track my development throughout is BCM111 or International Media and Communication! YAY!

Also also also! I’ve decided that one of my other subjects is worthy of gracing doyouevenbcm. THIS, DESPITE IT NOT BEING A SUBJECT WITH THE CODE BCM! You know something’s got to be absolutely mint, if it can make doyouevenbcm without even being a subject with BCM in it’s name.
Therefore, I present the news that this Semester PHIL106 will also get a run on the blog! YAY^2

It just seems like such an interesting subject! Hopefully it makes my opinions on the media seem more coherent. It probably won’t though. You’ll all sit there like. . . “Wtf, last semester his position was this, and now it’s this. Why. How. Ugh”
Yes, those responses are what I’m expecting.
Alas, this is what happens at University it seems. . . . .
“Oh hey. Here’s all your existing beliefs and preconceptions, and here’s the list of subjects you have this Semester. Watch what happens when we mash them together!”
Yep. Exactly what Semester 1 felt like. Believe me.

Should make for an interesting 16 weeks though!

So! That’s the news, and the update on what’s happening now!
Looking forward to Semester 2!


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