Give them a voice. Give them Convergence.

Project Ara and Nokia X are both dialogic technologies. And, considering their intentions, they are about to contribute to the conversation immensely.

For non-followers of the BCM112 category of this blog, the two media platforms followed on are both intended for use in the emerging markets of China, India, et al.

Two dialogic technologies, entering markets where the potential for conversation is varied.
An interesting situation to observe.

China may present issues for these devices, as demonstrated by Gordon (2007), through it’s Golden Shield. The huge Chinese censorship effort largely limits the ability of dialogic technologies to exercise the participatory elements they encourage.

On the flipside is India. While there have been instances of Internet Censorship in India, the nation does not hold the same philosophy as China or engage in any large scale censoring similar to the Great Firewall of China or Golden Shield. Which makes the society ripe for the introduction of dialogic technology for the purpose of prosuming, and participatory culture.

The power of this tech is unbelievable, and for the citizens of third world nations, is revolutionary, and that is plain to see just from observing the achievements dialogic technology has already attained.

An entire revolution occurred in Egypt. Not solely because of the use of social networks – But they certainly helped. Ali (2011) describes Facebook as an “accelerant” to the revolution while Twitter and Youtube are deemed as “amplifiers”.

Giving the power and abilities of convergent technologies to people right around the world through economical devices aimed at emerging markets is only going enhance the conversation. Participatory culture is huge in the Western World, despite the attempts of Copyright owners to diminish it’s spread. Dialogic technology is spreading, fast. And that will only add to the conversation.


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One thought on “Give them a voice. Give them Convergence.

  1. Very well put. It’s bizarre that in a wold where we value conversation and face to face communication (dialogue being the next best thing), we tend to now lean towards email/twitter/Facebook etc…


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