Third World Convergence







Project Ara and Nokia X will bring the third world into widespread mass media convergence.

Leading to prosumption. Lots of presumption.

So what are the effects of western copyright laws and third world convergence, on each other?

Let’s answer the first one. Has copyright law managed to stop “the flow of content across multiple media platforms”? (Jenkins 2006) No. It has made it more difficult through DRM and other technologies, but it has not stopped convergence.

Based on that, I can’t say the third world would be stopped from experiencing the power of convergence, either.

Globalisation, and new technologies through platform convergence have brought down the barriers to the flow of content from person to person, device to device – right around the world.

Convergence will only continue as we knock down those last barriers and bring the third world into the present state. But what does this mean for Western copyright law?

It might be beneficial for everyone. Can anybody imagine trying to continually fight the fight for copyright owners while the entire world is now enabled and willing to use copyrighted works in the same way their western counterparts do? Just try and take in the job that we’d be asking people to do here – It’d be almost impossible.

Will there be a relaxation of the legislation straight away? I doubt it. Will the laws be more likely to be relaxed in the future if it’s too difficult to actually control this flow of copyrighted content as tightly as the copyright owners would like? I believe so.

The more that people prosume copyrighted works, the harder it’ll be to stop – And with the introduction of a large portion of the world to the Western media landscape through accessibility advancements like Project Ara and Nokia X, these works will be used increasingly – and the legislation will have to change to accommodate that – Otherwise, we’re all living against the law (Lessig 2007).


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